Peely Wally

PeelyWally is a crisp, refreshing and carefully hopped 5.0% IPA. In fact it’s the first beer we ever brewed. We began like most of us beer lovers by purchasing a kit from our local home brew store and carefully followed the instructions. The beer we made was good but we wanted it more refined and to our palate. We brewed over 20 beers, changing quantities, adding different hops, changing the ABV from 3.4% to 9.6% and so on until we produced what is now known as PeelyWally.

PeelyWally literally means, looks pale. When you were wee, your mum would say, “You look awfy Peelywally!” Funnily enough I can’t remember it being said on a school day!

Barry Swally

BarrySwally is our 5.5% APA, full of flavour, a wee bit stronger than PeelyWally but a completely different animal. With plenty of hops to make your mouth dance, it has a warm amber tone like that of a bronzed Scotsman’s foreheid on holiday in Gran Canaria. We love this beer and hope you do too!

BarrySwally literally means, good drink. For example, you sit down after a week of whatever it is you do and open one of our bottles, have a drink, sigh and say, “That is barry swally!” I’d buy six just to be sure.